DISCOP Istanbul Spotlight: Caracol TV Internacional


ISTANBUL: Caracol TV Internacional is making its fifth outing to DISCOP Istanbul with a slate of titles it believes will appeal to clients in Turkey, the Middle East and Eastern Europe.

Among its catalogue highlights is Emeralds, The Color of Ambition, about a family confronted with the emerald trade. “Emeralds is perfect for prime time,” says Berta Orozco, the company’s sales executive for Western Europe, Africa and the Middle East. “The quality of the production is extremely high and the story is very captivating, as you can see how ambition turns good characters into people without scruples.”

Also on the slate are the romantic comedy Men Cry Too and the series Fugitives. “Fugitives could be easily adapted in Turkey or in Arabic countries,” Orozco says. “It’s a thriller, but with a romantic story behind it.”