Cisneros Interactive Enters Data Intelligence Market


MIAMI: Cisneros Interactive has partnered with Brazil’s Tail Target to form Tail Target Latino, a data management platform and behavioral data provider for the Latin American and U.S. Hispanic markets.

Tail Target Latino is meant to capture and process internet user data in the Latin America and U.S. Hispanic region, offering advertisers the chance to create and target their campaigns according to users’ diverse interests. The multi-million dollar joint venture already provides the advertising market with behavioral data for 390 million internet users throughout the region. It initially launched operations in Mexico last year before expanding into other Latin American territories and the U.S.

Federico A. Adlercreutz, a veteran digital executive, was named head of LatAm for Tail Target Latino. He will oversee the JV’s operations and strategic expansion in Latin America, which will include Colombia and Argentina in the coming months.

Cristiano Nobrega, the CEO of Tail Target, commented: “Our expertise in Portuguese and its similarities with the Spanish language give us a competitive advantage to other platforms. Be able to recognize the ‘accent’ is a huge benefit when we compare the algorithms that have been developed for the English language. In addition, we are able to offer, in conjunction with our DMP solution, a vast amount of data on navigational behavior, which, when added to our local support team specialized in the market’s native language, definitely sets us apart from other competitors.”

“Identifying behavioral patterns, demographics and socioeconomic factors of a target audience provides advertisers with clear insights that will make their campaigns even more efficient,” noted Victor Kong, the president of Cisneros Interactive.

“The synergy with Tail Target Latino brings us an important competitive advantage, assisting other operations in our portfolio to gain unique insights and to deliver more accurate and effective campaigns,” added Kong.