Alberto Pecegueiro to Exit Globosat


Alberto Pecegueiro will be exiting his long tenure as the head of Globosat in January 2020.

Pecegueiro has run the portfolio of Brazilian pay-TV channels for 25 years. After stepping down, he will be joining Grupo Globo’s administrative boards representing the group’s joint ventures.

The news was revealed to Globo staffers in a memo today by Roberto Irineu Marinho, chairman of the board, and Jorge Nóbrega, Grupo Globo’s executive president. “Alberto’s professional life has always been intertwined with the history of pay TV in Brazil,” the memo says. “The executive played a key role in leading and shaping the sector, from its birth to its most significant transformations over the years, Pecegueiro implemented our television programming business model based on national and international partnerships. Besides stimulating the entrance of foreign channels and investing in them, he also contributed enormously towards the development of the Brazilian independent production market, as well as many other links in the content production value chain: it is not by chance that, apart from the USA, the Brazilian pay television service provides more national content to its subscribers in the western world than any other operator. In sports, the Globosat channels have always had a meaningful participation in the coverage of the most important national and international sporting events, available also through its pay-per-view service created in the 1988 Brazilian Football Championship. Over the years, many original productions created by the Globosat channels have received some of the most prestigious awards in the industry. All of this has given Globosat an indisputable market leader position. The company, which offers 30 channels for paying subscribers, dominates the segment in terms of absolute viewership. It takes pride in its achievement of building an organization with 2,300 competent and highly engaged collaborators that are passionate about the business. Alberto’s informality and good humor have undoubtedly left their mark on this very talented team.”

The statement continues, “With his bustling energy and deep knowledge of the industry, Alberto Pecegueiro had been playing an important part in the reflections and decisions concerning the future of Globo and recently made a decisive contribution to the formulation of the company’s new business strategy and organizational structure model, which was announced last week.

“It will be a real loss for us to no longer have Alberto on our executive leadership team from January onwards. But we are very happy to continue to have him as a collaborator, in a different position, working as a member of the administrative boards for the four joint ventures in which we have partnerships with, besides providing valuable support to our negotiations with our distribution partners. We would, therefore, like to express our heartfelt thanks to Alberto, for all his dedication and partnership during all these years. And may this new stage, which commences at the beginning of the next year, be as gratifying as the one that has taken us to where we are today.”