Zodiak Kids Sends Kody Kapow Around the World


Zodiak Kids has made several global sales for its animated preschool show Kody Kapow, including one that sees the series headed to Europe on the multi-territory kids’ channel Tiji.

Other European sales include Columbia Pictures Corporation, which has acquired the U.K. rights to the series for the free-to-air channel POP TV. Turner has picked up the rights in Italy for its free-to-air channel Cartoonito. Further deals include MTVA in Hungary, VTM (Medialaan) in Belgium and Dreamia Servicos de Televisao for Canal Panda Portugal.

Moreover, a deal struck with Fox sees Kody Kapow going to Nat Geo Kids in Latin America, DHX Television in Canada and HDTV in Russia. Across Asia, the show has been picked up by Viet Content JSC in Vietnam, CJ ENM’s English Gem in South Korea, Mediacorp and Viu OTT Video Service in Singapore and Mango TV in China. Additionally, there has been pickup by the MBC Middle Eastern and Israeli channel Hop.

Kody Kapow is about an aspiring martial arts-style superhero named Kody who spends the summer with his extended family in a small village in China. His grandfather, a martial arts master, teaches Kody ancient lessons of mindfulness, patience and perseverance, which Kody employs as he and his super-spy cousin, Mei, set off on adventures in the village together with their tiger friend Goji, voiced by Jason Alexander in the U.S.

Zodiak Kids controls all international distribution rights to the series.