Cyber Group Studios Partners for Mobile & PC Games


Cyber Group Studios has partnered with the Warsaw-based independent videogame developer BTC Studios to develop, market and distribute new mobile, PC and console games.

The interactive software games will be based on the Cyber Group Studios properties Taffy, Sadie Sparks and The Pirates Next Door. They are set to launch globally in 2020.

“We’re very excited to be working with BTC Studios PLC to provide new experiences on our 3 successful TV series, Taffy, Sadie Sparks, and The Pirates Next Door,” said Thierry Braille, VP of interactive and the video game division at Cyber Group Studios, and Dominique Bourse, COO of Cyber Group Studios. “BTC Studios PLC is an established player in the game market and has managed to concentrate a very strong group of talents to produce powerful games on our TV series.”

Jaroslaw Zeisner, COO of BTC Studios, said: “We share excitement with our partner—Cyber Group Studios to kick off this high-potential project. We have already started production of the first two mobile games: Taffy: Feed the Kitty and Taffy’s Food Run. Within the next six months, we will start development of the next games, according to the agreed pipeline, as well as the broadcaster’s publishing schedule. The first commercialization is scheduled for the second quarter of 2020.”