TV Kids In-Demand: Preschool—Part 2


The second installment in our pre-MIPJunior preschool In-Demand report spotlights Zodiak Kids & Family’s Mumfie, Acamar Films’ Bing, ZDF Studios’ Ziggy and the Zootram and Cyber Group Studios’ Gigantosaurus.


Commissioners: France Télévisions, Rai
Producers: Zodiak Kids & Family France, Animoka
Distributor: Zodiak Kids & Family Distribution
Description: (Preschool, 78×7 min.) A preschool comedy series based on Magic Adventures of Mumfie created by Britt Allcroft (the creator of Thomas the Tank Engine). Told with heart and humor, this reboot features the optimistic young elephant Mumfie, who, along with his best friends Pinkey and Jelly Bean, are the helpful heroes of the whimsical world of Flutterstone. To them, no challenge is too great, and no flop, failure or fiasco is unfixable.
Pitch Perfect: “Mumfie brings the beloved Britt Allcroft series to a new generation of children, with an eclectic array of characters and colorful animation. The charming and uplifting storytelling by the wonderful teams at Animoka and Zodiak Kids & Family France is set to delight preschool audiences around the world.” —Delphine Dumont, Chief Commercial Officer, Banijay Kids & Family
Slot Winner: Winner of Best Preschool Series at the Pulcinella Awards.
Sales Contacts: Delphine Dumont; Cecile Cau, SVP, Sales, Co-Productions & Acquisitions; Julia Rowlands, SVP, Sales, Co-Productions & Acquisitions.


Producers: Acamar Films, Brown Bag Films
Distributor: Acamar Films with all rights.
Description: (0-6, S1: 26×7 min., S2: 26×7 min., S3: 26×7 min., S4: 26×7 min.) Celebrating the noisy, joyful, messy reality of life when you’re a preschooler. Bing stories are small, but they are full of drama.
Pitch Perfect: Bing is the global preschool award-winning series supporting healthy child development. Bing has been licensed to 130 territories worldwide and continues to “move and delight” Bingsters and their grown-ups through an increasing range of award-winning films, books, magazines, apps, consumer products, digital, live shows and cinema experiences.
Slot Winner: A top-rated TV show across multiple key territories, including Rai Yoyo, Clan TV and CBeebies. The most requested preschool show in the U.K. on BBC iPlayer, with over 423 million requests since launch. Recently launched in the U.S. on Cartoonito on Cartoon Network and HBO Max. Box office success for Bing cinema releases across the U.K., Poland and Benelux. Over 5 billion lifetime YouTube views. Twenty language-specific YouTube channels. Bing features within in-flight entertainment for British Airways, Virgin Atlantic and Emirates.
Sales Contact: Eroulla Constantine, Director, Sales & Distribution.

Ziggy and the Zootram

Commissioner: VRT/Ketnet
Producer: Grid VFX
Distributor: ZDF Studios with worldwide rights.
Description: (3-6 friendship/adventure, 52×11 min.) Every afternoon when the zoo closes, Ziggy, the Australian freshwater crocodile, and his friends put on their clothes and get on the tram. It carries them across land and sea to their village on a remote island.
Pitch Perfect: “Ziggy and the Zootram, a 3D animated series for upper preschoolers, continues with a second season about a group of animals who live in a zoo and who have a special secret—they go home at night!” —Arne Lohmann, VP Junior
Sales Contacts: Katharina Pietzsch, Director Junior; Jan-Frederik Maul, Director Junior; Marei Bruckmann, Director Junior; Oliver Grundel, Director Junior.


Commissioners: The Walt Disney Company, France Télévisions
Producer: Cyber Group Studios
Distributor: Cyber Group Studios represents all rights, including merchandising.
Description: (4-6 comedy/adventure, S1-3: 156×11 min./78×26 min.) Tiny, Rocky, Bill and Mazu are four dinosaurs growing up in the world of Cretacia, where every day is a new adventure under the watchful eye of Gigantosaurus!
Pitch Perfect: “Gigantosaurus invites the youngest of viewers to follow along with inquisitive Mazu, playful Tiny, timid Bill and courageous Rocky as they go on quests to explore their world in each episode, facing their fears, working together to solve problems, learning more about the mysterious Gigantosaurus himself—and having lots of fun all along the way.” —Raphaëlle Mathieu, Executive VP
Slot Winner: Gigantosaurus, which began airing worldwide on Disney Junior in 2019, is now translated into 29 languages and available in 194 territories, including in the U.S. Season one won the prestigious 2021 export award for animation. Currently streaming worldwide on Disney+ and Netflix and airing around the world on major channels such as Disney Junior (worldwide), France Télévisions, Rai Yoyo (Italy), Tiny Pop (U.K.), Super RTL (Germany), RTVE’s Clan (Spain), CCTV (China), TV Azteca (Mexico) and NHK (Japan), among others.
Sales Contacts: Raphaëlle Mathieu; Michèle Massonnat, Senior Sales Manager; Pauline Bérard, International Sales.