Toonz & Herotainment Team for Smighties Digital Series


TRIVANDRUM: Toonz Media Group’s Toonz Studios has inked a deal with Herotainment that will see the two companies collaborate on a new digital series based on the Smighties collectible brand.

Smighties are “small but mighty” heroes who each have their own personality and superpower. The 39×7-minute show, aimed at viewers between the ages of 4 and 7, will follow the characters as they have adventures in whimsical worlds where friendship and individuality are celebrated. It is slated for delivery next summer on Toonz’s YouTube channel, Chotoonz.

There are also plans to extend the property’s presence in television and L&M around the globe.

P.Jayakumar, the CEO of Toonz Media Group, said: “The characters and world of Smighties are so wonderful that we see immense potential in the property. We are absolutely excited to partner with Herotainment, who created this amazing concept and who shares our values in terms of passion and creativity. We are sure that Smighties will engage and entertain kids around the globe.”

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Toonz to bring our beloved Smighties to fans all over the world in a captivating, animated series,” noted Wade Teman, co-CEO of Herotainment.

“The pint-sized heroes are relatable and inspiring, and Smighties teach kids that you can be small, but still dream big,” added Caryn Teman, co-CEO of Herotainment.