The Brothers McLeod’s Circle Square Lands with 9 Story


9 Story Distribution International has secured worldwide distribution rights to the new animated series Circle Square.

The series was created by The Brothers McLeod (Quiff and Boot) and co-produced by Wyndley Animation and Kavaleer Productions. 9 Story Distribution holds global rights, excluding territories secured by commissioning partners Milkshake! (U.K., Ireland), SVT (Sweden), YLE (Finland) and VRT (Belgium).

The animated comedy for children 4 to 6 is about a community of nine houses, each home to a character or family. Vanessa the Dragon, owner of the rainbow lighthouse, helps out with everyday dilemmas, and each episode features a different friend in need of her help (and sometimes she needs theirs!).

Circle Square is a funny, friendly, warm tonic for young audiences,” said Alix Wiseman, senior VP of distribution and acquisitions for 9 Story. “It’s got a lot of heart and a refreshingly quirky cast of diverse characters whose differences are what bind them together. Its key messages of empathy, along with the gorgeous design aesthetic created by The Brothers McLeod, will charm kids no matter who or where they are.”

Greg and Myles McLeod, creators at Wyndley Animation, said: “It’s been an absolute pleasure to bring the world of Circle Square to life. We’ve had an amazing cast and crew and they’ve made this world feel real, funny, homely and like a place you just really want to visit. And now, we’re excited to partner with 9 Story so that children (and their families) all over the world will have the chance to meet Vanessa the dragon and her neighbors. Somebody needs Vanessa’s help today… but who will it be?”