Annecy Spotlight: 9 Story Distribution International


9 Story Distribution International’s slate features the new 2D animated comedy Let’s Go, Bananas!

“The series does a great job of highlighting relatable family moments through the unique and diverse perspectives of children that will appeal to kids and families around the world,” says Alix Wiseman, senior VP of distribution and acquisitions.

The preschool show Dylan’s Playtime Adventures, based on the book series by Guy Parker-Rees, follows a striped dog who pretends to take on a new career in each episode by playing with regular household objects. It “models universal play patterns and encourages kids to use their imaginations,” Wiseman says.

Open Season: Call of Nature, for children ages 6 to 11, centers on the adventures of characters from Sony Pictures Animation’s Open Season films, including grizzly bear Boog.

Wiseman adds, “9 Story’s distribution and development teams are looking forward to attending Annecy/Mifa this year.”