Annecy Spotlight: NJ World


NJ World has teamed up with the British creative studio 3Megos for a new preschool comedy series based on the Nelly Jelly IP.

The brand, building on the hit children’s book series from Lithuania, already has a successful licensing business, including 30 partners. A hit in Lithuania across publishing, live experiences and more, Nelly Jelly is now going global with a new preschool comedy series.

The companies will be at Annecy sharing the trailer and script for the animated series, which centers on a strong-willed girl with a big imagination who sometimes simply needs a little help from her monster friends. “The new animation will work across different languages and cultures and extend engagement beyond the original Nelly Jelly books,” says Simona Krasauskienė, CEO of NJ World.

Krasauskienė adds, “Nelly Jelly offers a heartwarming, relatable story with elements of music, fun, surprises and comedy, making it great for family co-viewing.”