Nelly Jelly Launches Interactive Cookbook


NJ World has developed an interactive cookbook based off the Lithuanian IP Nelly Jelly (Kakė Makė).

The book has been developed in collaboration with celebrity chef Alfas Ivanauskas, with the featured dishes designed specifically for children. There are 17 more books based off the Nelly Jelly IP set to be released over the coming year.

Simona Krasauskienė, CEO of NJ World, the company that manages the Nelly Jelly and Kakė Makė IPs.“By appealing to the Alpha Generation and speaking their language—creating unique titles, sharing intriguing recipes, making captivating food servings and even inviting them to watch fun and colorful video tutorials on how to do it—we meet their needs. They are screen natives and it’s their normal world, so we want to be the ones who blur the lines between the meta and physical world with Alpha children while waiting for the Beta generation. This kind of publishing project encourages the whole family to come together and create.

“Unfortunately, the stereotype that girls should be more interested in cooking than boys persists in many countries. By inviting a male chef as the main protagonist of our interactive book, we aim to demonstrate that cooking is for everyone.”

Krasauskienė added, “While children today spend a significant amount of time in front of screens, IPs have a responsibility to show them that the real world can be equally enjoyable, entertaining, and stimulating as their meta world, so it’s important to take the initiative and encourage them to engage in real-life activities, such as cooking.”