Nelly Jelly Launches Screen-Free Campaign


The Lithuanian children’s IP Nelly Jelly (Kakė Makė) and its licensing partners have rolled out a loyalty program with a gardening collection, encouraging screen-free family time outdoors.

The offering spans a variety of gardening products, tools and kits. The Lithuanian retail chain IKI has joined the campaign, setting up over 400 brand stands in more than 200 stores.

“Being the number one kids brand in our local market, we reach large audiences of children, so we feel the responsibility to educate them on sustainability topics and to address some of the most pressing issues that families face—in this case, too little quality time together,“ says Simona Krasauskienė, CEO of NJ World, the company that manages the Nelly Jelly and Kakė Makė IPs. “Our goal is to connect tech-savvy kids with nature and to help them form the habits of spending time outside and growing their own food, which is very important for families, as well as for the health of these kids in the future. We also pave the way for families to have fun together outside—kids, parents and grandparents.

“Children of Gen Alpha have more access to information online than any previous generations, and they are concerned about sustainability, the planet, the food they consume and where it comes from. Already, 81 percent of their parents say their Alpha children have influenced their actions or consumption decisions, making them more environmentally aware.”

Jurgita Blužaitė, marketing manager for licensing partner Žalia Stotelė (Green Station), said: “We chose to partner up with Nelly Jelly because it is a reliable local brand with a huge market, known for its focus on quality products and attractive design. We can say that in a short amount of time, the project quickly gained popularity among children of all ages.”