Spotlight: Studio 100 Media


The Studio 100 Media highlight FriendZSpace follows best friends and deep-space friend-makers Alice, Leo and Kim and the half-puppy and half-high-tech Swiss army knife BotDog.

FriendZSpace is all about kids and kid culture—alien and human; it’s about embracing our differences and getting into exciting trouble in the process,” says Dorian Bühr, head of global distribution at Studio 100 Media.

An ecotainment series, SeaBelievers leads its young viewers on an adventure to save the ocean alongside Amelia and the titular team of underwater superheroes. The live-action series Game Keepers sees teenagers Mats and Sari chosen to play in an action-packed competition for which they must enter an unknown digital gaming world, play a game and defeat the mysterious GameMaster.

“The demand for good entertainment and making people laugh is more prevalent and needed now than ever, and we aim to continue to deliver,” says Dorian Bühr.