Spotlight: Kidoodle.TV


With a catalog of more than 40,000 episodes—and counting—Kidoodle.TV has a rich offering of content that’s been vetted for Safe Streaming.

“Parents are looking for alternatives that are not just safe but also something that is free, with no barrier to entry,” says Brenda Bisner, chief content officer. “With a recession and the cost-of-living squeeze, it’s another really great thing we can do to ensure that not only families can afford it but that their kids can be safe while doing it.”

Bisner also highlights the AVOD platform’s award-winning user experience. “If you go to Kidoodle.TV, the navigation is right for children. We consistently test. We’re a tech company at heart, and everything for us is built so that it is safe and there’s a reason behind it.”

She adds, “We’ve always been positioned in a way that sets us up as a trusted destination.”