Spotlight: Boat Rocker


Leading Boat Rocker’s slate, Dino Ranch has sold to more than 170 territories.

Its “Wild West setting and appealing dinosaur characters have led to the overwhelming success,” says Gia DeLaney, senior VP of global sales for kids and family.

Trulli Tales sees its characters deal with the everyday problems faced by children of the same age, but in a magical setting, where magic wands are cooking utensils, recipes reveal feelings, a drop of oil can bring a talking book to life and more.

In season eight of the hit dance series The Next Step, the “appealing teenaged characters learn that the only way they’re going to make it to the dramatic final dance competition is to put their differences aside and find a way to work together,” DeLaney says.

She adds, “As the home for creative visionaries, Boat Rocker’s purpose is to tell stories and build iconic brands across all genres and mediums.”