NATPE Spotlight: FUN Union


FUN Union will be at NATPE through Imira Entertainment, its exclusive distribution agent for Spanish-, Italian- and Portuguese-speaking territories.

The popular series BabyRiki has launched in a slew of territories around the globe, including in the U.K. on ITV and in North America with Kabillion and PlayKids. Christine Brendle, the CEO of FUN Union, notes the company is also working on a companion show that is tentatively titled BabyRiki Growing Up.

Another highlight is Panda and Krash, a new co-pro between CCTV Animation, Riki Group and FUN Union. There is also KikoRiki and, by extension, its sister series PinCode. “We know these titles will resonate with buyers in this market as all four series are fun and story-driven, spark a child’s imagination and love for learning, and showcase diversity, teamwork and empathy,” says Brendle. “The multiple deals we have already signed in Latin America are testament to this.”