BabyRiki Dairy Products, Toys & More Launch in China


BabyRiki, a popular animated series from FUN Union, is the inspiration for a line of dairy products and toys for preschoolers in mainland China.

Through a partnership with Northern Europe dairy brand Lakto, BabyRiki has launched six main dairy product types and more than 16 SKUs in the category on TMall, a Chinese e-commerce platform. The products will also soon have extended retail availability, with more than 160 shops starting to carry the cheese, yogurt and other milk items in the first quarter of 2019.

BabyRiki toys, produced by KingBee, made their debut at the Hamleys Beijing flagship store earlier this month. Inspired by the series, the line contains more than 30 SKUs. The toys will next launch at the Hamleys store in HangZhou.

In addition to the branded dairy products and toys, the first BabyRiki-themed restaurant has opened in Wuhan, China. Over 600 square meters in size, the restaurant contains a number of play areas for children and a menu that features BabyRiki’s newly launched dairy products line.

Christine Brendle, the CEO of FUN Union, commented: “For Chinese mothers, the BabyRiki franchise embodies the positive guiding principles of a well-rounded education, bringing up confident, happy and successful children in today’s world.”

“We like that the BabyRiki series helps children and parents,” said Susie Sun, Lakto’s marketing director. “Children are entertained and learn through watching episodes, while mothers can access a whole range of parenting resources to guide their child’s development. Now, the same mothers turn to the BabyRiki-themed dairy products to make a healthy choice for children’s snacks.”