MIPTV Spotlight: Alpha Group


Alpha Group is highlighting its brand-new show Quantum Heroes Dinoster, about four kids who travel secretly to a world of dinosaurs.

Together, they complete missions to save and protect dinosaurs from natural dangers and from a mad scientist, Bex Hunter. “We are very excited to present this promising show with a high level of production, compelling stories and full of comedy,” says Silene Chaves, VP of international, media and consumer products.

There’s an eighth season of Super Wings, which sees the heroes gain new powers and get updated transformation suits to match a fresh new electric concept, which celebrates clean, green, renewable energy.

Alpha Group is also promoting Petronix Defenders, in which Matt, Emma, Jia and Tom rescue endangered animals with their high-tech pets and equipment.

“We aim to always offer high-quality productions with unique storytelling propositions,” Chaves says.