Petronix Defenders to Land on Tiny Pop in the U.K.


The adventure comedy series Petronix Defenders is set to air on the free-to-air channel Tiny Pop in the U.K.

Petronix Defenders follows Matt, Jia, Emma and Tim and their robotic pets as they set off on heroic missions around the world to save animals in danger.

In the series, the four Edwin Doolittle Elementary School students receive a special signal on their high-tech backpacks when wild animals around the world get into danger. The young superheroes leap into action and transform their backpacks into small robotic pets with amazing technology. Petronix Defenders promotes the core values of teamwork, friendship, respect and admiration of nature and encourages positive relationships between children and pets.

The property will be supported with full digital and social media content, followed by a toy launch from Alpha Group in 2023 and a U.K. consumer products program managed by Brand-Ward.

Petronix Defenders premieres on Tiny Pop on September 1.