New M6 Group & Super RTL Joint Commission


ON Kids & Family is developing and producing Petronix Defenders in partnership with M6 Group and Super RTL, alongside the toy manufacturer Alpha Group.

The 52×13-minute series is targeted at 4- to 8-year-olds. Petronix Defenders conveys the message that if nature is respected and protected, if we are responsible for what we build and use technology wisely, we can protect the planet and its biodiversity.

Aton Soumache, president and co-founder of ON Kids & Family, said: “We are extremely proud of this original creation which mobilized all of ON’s creative energy and talents and convinced our partners, M6 and Super RTL. The international potential of the show is huge and we have worked for a long time on deepening our interactions with the Chinese market. Today we are proud to develop upstream game experiences for children to have great fun with a partner as prestigious as Alpha Group.”

Isaac Lin, head of content and brand of Alpha Group, added: “We are extremely honored to join in Petronix Defenders, and bring in our creativities and passions to such a heroic show. The mission for saving animals is strongly associated with the trend of environmental protection and animal caring, which create a strong role model for our kids to follow, learn and more importantly a game to play. We also expect that Alpha will further expand global toy and media coverage through this cooperation, and build up a long-lasting strategic partnership with Mediawan Group and ON Kids & Family.”

Philippe Bony, president of Gulli, said: “Environmental protection remains a particular cause of mobilization for the M6 Group and all its channels. Petronix Defenders, broadcasted on Gulli and M6Kid, will express that engagement and contribute to sensitize kids in a playful and unique way regarding the numerous challenges that our planet is facing. Big thanks to the ON teams for this new and fascinating adventure.”