Sunday, December 3, 2023
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MIPJunior Video Highlight: Crayola’s Victoria Lozano

In a MIPJunior session moderated by TV Kids’ Kristin Brzoznowski, Victoria Lozano, executive VP at Crayola, unveiled the vision for Crayola Studios, including its new production deal with 9 Story Media Group.


“The question that I get asked most often is, Why is an arts and crafts company getting into entertainment?” said Lozano in her opening presentation, noting that the company was founded 120 years ago on the belief “that creativity is a life skill. There’s actually been an incredible amount of quantitative empirical research that has proven this.”

She continued: “Creativity develops core workplace skills that are important for any career, predicts career achievement, boosts educational attainment and supports well-being. Creativity matters.”

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