MIPCOM Spotlight: Australian Children’s Television Foundation


Kangaroo Beach, an animated series for preschool audiences about the adventures of four animal friends training as lifeguards and delivering messages about water safety, is on offer from the Australian Children’s Television Foundation.

“From preschoolers to young adults, the Australian Children’s Television Foundation distributes world-class live-action, animated and factual content for every demographic,” says Tim Hegarty, international sales manager.

For teenagers, the horror comedy series Crazy Fun Park is about two best friends that death cannot keep apart. When Mapplethorpe is killed at an eerie abandoned theme park, his spirit lives on, and his best friend Chester returns each night to see him.

Another featured title is the factual adventure series Built to Survive, providing a close look at the ultimate survivors of Australia’s most extreme habitats. “No matter where they’re from, kids love adventure, laughter, real-life stories and a bit of harmless horror thrown in for good measure,” adds Hegarty.