Mattel Announces Bob the Builder Deals, Fireman Sam Special


CANNES: The content-creation arm of Mattel has unveiled various international broadcast deals for the all-new Bob the Builder, plus a new hour-long Fireman Sam special.

The Bob the Builder deals will see the reboot of the popular preschool brand launch on Channel 11 in Australia, Dreamia-Panda in Portugal, NRK – Super in Norway, Russia’s Karusel and ATV-Minika in Turkey. The agreements follow the announcement of an upcoming special based on the show, titled Bob the Builder: Mega Machines – The Movie. The special is set for a TV and DVD release next year, with Mattel subsidiary HIT Entertainment handling production and DHX Media distributing worldwide.

Christopher Keenan, the senior VP of global content and executive producer at Mattel Creations, said: “Bob the Builder continues to build momentum across many new markets and, as our stories get bigger, so too does our global reach. Bob the Builder: Mega Machines is a testament to this; the film tells the story of Bob’s biggest build yet and introduces three new ‘mega’ characters who help reinforce the show’s themes of teamwork, perseverance and optimism, with plenty of comedy, construction and conflict resolution along the way. We’re confident that Bob the Builder: Mega Machines will delight young audiences around the world and pave the way for further adventures with Bob and the team.” 

Josh Scherba, the senior VP of distribution for DHX Media, said: “Bob the Builder is a tremendous kids’ brand and DHX is delighted to be the worldwide distributor. The new Mega Machines movie will be a terrific addition to the franchise.”

Additionally, Mattel Creations announced a brand-new, feature-length special for its CG-animated Fireman Sam that will launch next year and feature David Tennant as its guest voice.

Tennant (Dr. Who) will voice the villain Buck Douglas in Fireman Sam: Alien Alert, which is currently being produced by HIT Entertainment and has been animated in China by Beijing-based Xing Xing Digital Corporation. DHX Media will distribute the special.

Alien Alert is an action-packed Fireman Sam adventure for preschoolers, and we’re delighted to have the talented David Tennant on board as the voice of Buck,” Keenan said. “The special stays true to core Fireman Sam values—bravery, loyalty, heroism, community and teamwork—but takes us to new levels of excitement with a sci-fi slant that includes new characters, rescue vehicles, locations and plot twists. Producing Alien Alert has been an incredible joy and we’re confident that our young audience will be captivated by our most dramatic Fireman Sam story yet.”

Scherba added: “DHX is thrilled to be distributing Fireman Sam around the world, and this new feature will make a great addition to the franchise.”