Third Season for Thunderbirds Are Go


CANNES: ITV Studios and Pukeko Pictures are set to produce a third season of Thunderbirds Are Go for CITV, to air in 2017.

Season three will feature 26 half-hour episodes. Thunderbirds Are Go has also been acquired by Canada’s DHX Media in a deal with ITV Studios Global Entertainment (ITVS GE) and will premiere on its Family CHRGD and Family Channels later this month.

Steve Green, the executive VP of kids’ content and distribution at ITVS GE, said: “Thunderbirds Are Go goes from strength to strength, with this third series commission, Canadian sale and U.S. premiere date following slot-winning ratings in every territory in which it has aired and a strong demand for consumer products. Thunderbirds Are Go is proving to be one of the most popular new brands in the international marketplace, and we’re looking to build on this success with new and existing partners this year.”

Clive Spink, the CEO of Pukeko Pictures, said: “We are absolutely thrilled a third series of Thunderbirds Are Go has been recommissioned by CITV and to begin working on the production with our partners ITV Studios. We are incredibly proud of the success of Thunderbirds Are Go locally and internationally—the television series continues to do very well and as a licensing brand it is a strong performer at retail across the globe. With upcoming launches in the U.S., U.K. and Germany on Amazon Prime Instant Video, we are looking forward to another successful year for Thunderbirds Are Go.”

Jamila Metran, the head of programming for CITV, added: “It’s a delight to be working with the wonderful cast and production team on this third series. We can look forward to meeting new characters, bigger rescues, more beautifully crafted models and much more of what has made Thunderbirds Are Go the big hit it is for CITV.”