Don’t Unleash the Beast to Bow on CITV


CITV is set to premiere Don’t Unleash the Beast, a brand-new immersive game show produced by CPL Productions, a Red Arrow Studios company, and Tiny House Productions.

Set in the underground world of Halian, Don’t Unleash the Beast will see a team of three Treasure Seekers undergo a series of challenges to find three precious ancient artifacts. The catch is that the treasure is guarded by a ferocious and foul Beast that could be unleashed with one wrong move. The team is led from afar by the Professor, played by comedian and magician Pete Firman.

Don’t Unleash the Beast will premiere on CITV on November 2. The commission is one of a raft of new shows to benefit from the Young Audiences Content Fund, managed by the BFI.

Gemma John-Lewis, assistant commissioner of entertainment at ITV, said: “This series format creatively combines a wonderfully imaginative setting with an immersive experience crammed with physical and mental challenges that require real teamwork to overcome, which promises to engage, excite and inspire young viewers. I just hope the beast goes easy on them.”

Emma Hyman, executive producer for CPL Productions, said: “We’re thrilled about the launch of Don’t Unleash the Beast. What a treat to be able to deliver such an exciting and escapist show at a time when CITV’s kids need entertaining more than ever. It has a bit of everything: high drama and laugh-out-loud moments and a Beast that is just a little bit terrifying.”

Jackie Edwards, Head of Fund for the BFI’s Young Audiences Content Fund, said: “We’re delighted to be supporting Don’t Unleash the Beast through the Young Audiences Content Fund. This exciting, engaging and quite frankly exhausting gameshow, is a very welcome return to the genre for this age group and is in line with our aim to provide young audiences with more live-action programming of this type.”