Ferly & Zephyr Collab on Gone Gills Series


Ferly and Zephyr Animation, a studio recently launched by APC Kids, are set to launch the new comedy-adventure show Gone Gills.

Originally created by Ferly, Gone Gills is a 3D CGI series that follows three prehistoric creatures— Lizzy, Trilo and Mo—as they find themselves stranded in the present at a tourist-trap beach resort. APC Kids holds global audiovisual distribution rights to the new series, while Ferly will manage global CP and gaming rights.

David Sauerwein, Zephyr Animation’s chief creative officer, said: “Gone Gills is a great new addition to our growing slate at Zephyr. It’s an exciting and hilarious series, and we are proud and happy to be working with Ferly to bring this world and the unique, loveable characters to life for children and families globally.”

Joonas Rissanen, VP of creative at Ferly, added: “Creating the world of Gone Gills has already been an unforgettable experience for us. We cannot wait to collaborate with David, Lionel and their teams and help our prehistoric creatures get used to the present day!”