Exec Shakeup for Gaumont’s Animation Division


PARIS/LOS ANGELES: Gaumont Animation France has reorganized its Paris office through the promotion of Marc Dhrami and the appointment of Gaëlle Guiny, with both reporting directly to Nicolas Atlan, the president of Gaumont Animation.

Dhrami has been elevated to the post of head of operations, while Guiny was named director of animated series development. Dhrami and Guiny will be in charge of the development and production of Gaumont’s animated series in the Paris office.

While both Dhrami and Guiny will be based in Paris, Guiny will work closely with Los Angeles-based Terry Kalagian, the VP of creative for Gaumont Animation.

Gaumont Animation is currently producing four new series in the Paris studio: Belle & Sebastian, Furry Wheels, Trulli Tales and Noddy, which is a co-production with DreamWorks. In the Los Angeles office, Gaumont is producing the Netflix original series F is for Family, as well as Do, Re & Mi with actress Kristen Bell.