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De Agostini Editore to Bring Brave Bunnies to Italy


De Agostini Editore has signed a long-term agreement with the Ukrainian production company Glowberry, together with the Spanish animation studio Anima, to air the preschool series Brave Bunnies in Italy.

According to the agreement, De Agostini Editore has secured exclusive broadcasting rights for the first season of Brave Bunnies for all TV channels and digital platforms in the territory. In addition, De Agostini Editore will manage exclusive licensing and merchandising rights in Italy.

Brave Bunnies is an animated 2D “edutainment” series for preschoolers. The main idea of the series is to show kids the diversity of the world around them, teach them to accept various traits of others and find a common language even with those who are different. Using the example of Brave Bunnies and their friends, parents can explain how to interact with other kids in kindergarten or on the playground. Each episode features a new friend and a new game that kids and parents can play together.

The first season of Brave Bunnies will consist of 52 7-minute episodes. The series is scheduled to be on air in the first half of 2021.

Massimo Bruno, head of TV channels at De Agostini Editore, said: “Brave Bunnies is an IP that has conquered us since the very first pitch. It has all the necessary assets to create an international success and we are extremely proud to collaborate with the talented team of Glowberry and Anima for this project.”

Sergii Molchanov, CEO of Glowberry and an executive producer on the series, said: “The European audience is of great value for the project entering the international market. We are incredibly happy that Italy has become the first country to open the European market for Brave Bunnies animated television series. We are especially pleased to attend Kidscreen Summit not only with the first episode of the Brave Bunnies series, but also with a new inspiring partnership.”

Angel Molinero, CEO of Anima and an executive producer on the series, added: “We are delighted to have reached this new agreement, this means a big boost for Brave Bunnies. It is a privilege that De Agostini has chosen to embark on this project that will open us the doors of Europe in such an important territory as Italy. We are sure that this will be a successful partnership and the first of many more.”

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