CAKE Inks Distribution Deal for Sherwood


CAKE has picked up the international distribution rights for the tween animated series Sherwood.

Inspired by the story of Robin Hood, Sherwood is set in the dystopian future of 2270 in London, now devastated by climate change. The 15-year-old Robin Loxley, a resourceful skyrunner and hacker, seeks to bring down the oppressive regime of the evil sheriff.

From Baby Octopus and Toybox, Sherwood was created by Diana Manson and Megan Laughton and launched on YouTube Premium. The 10×22-minute series has amassed over 54 million views and has been nominated for several awards.

The series cast includes Anya Chlotra (The Witcher), Tyler Posey (TeenWolf), Rachel House (Thor: Ragnarok), Ade M’Cormack (The OA) and Jamie Chung (The Gifted: The Misfits). Joseph Fiennes (The Handmaid’s Tale, Elizabeth, Shakespeare in Love) guest stars.

Ed Galton, CEO at CAKE, said, “We are thrilled to partner with Baby Octopus and Toybox to bring Sherwood to global audiences. This modern take on Robin Hood has all the ingredients to become the next big tween animated hit: a stellar voice cast, stunning animation and timely themes of fighting for justice.”