Azoomee Acquires Da Vinci Media


London-based Azoomee has acquired Da Vinci Media, a kid-focused media company headquartered in Berlin.

Following the acquisition, the combined group will operate under the two individual brands. Together, Azoomee and Da Vinci Kids serve over 45 million subscribers via connected TVs, linear channels and mobile apps in more than 150 territories worldwide.

Azoomee CEO Douglas Lloyd said: “Azoomee has developed in-house a highly scalable, award-winning digital platform that works on any connected device anywhere. We are excited to give viewers across the globe access to premium educational content through our world-class technology platform.”

Estelle Lloyd, Azoomee COO, added: “Distribution is key for our content partners. Significantly, this deal gives us a truly global footprint through long term partnerships with telcos, cable and satellite operators and public broadcasters alongside being present in every major app store and on connected TVs.”

Ferdinand Habsburg, founder of Da Vinci Media, commented: “I am delighted that two leading brands in kids’ edutainment have joined forces. Da Vinci inspires kids aged 6 to 11 with programming such as Operation Ouch!, whilst Azoomee appeals to younger primary school children aged 4 to 7. Both companies are dedicated to the curious mindset of Leonardo da Vinci, making learning an exciting adventure.”