Annecy Spotlight: Thunderbird Distribution


Thunderbird Distribution is highlighting Mermicorno: Starfall.

Richard Goldsmith, president, describes the series as “an epic adventure-comedy for kids 5 to 9 that will captivate audiences internationally with its incredible storytelling, setting, cool heroes and beautiful animation.” It is set to debut on Max in the U.S. in 2025.

BooSnoo!, meanwhile, is a calming, dialogue-free program commissioned by Sky Kids that follows a little red ball on an exploration of different landscapes, machines and rooms. “It has the ability to appeal to kids and viewers of all ages and cultures,” notes Goldsmith.

The live-action CBC Kids commission Mittens & Pants sees a kitten and puppy go about their lives in the all-animal town of Kibble Corners. Despite being a dog and a cat, they are the best of friends.

“We are continuing to focus on expanding the distribution footprint for our series,” adds Goldsmith.