Annecy Spotlight: LooLoo Kids


LooLoo Kids, which has 100 billion-plus views and over 120 million subscribers on YouTube, is showcasing LooLoo Kids Musical Adventures.

The 3D/CGI musical show follows the adventures of Johny and his friends in a diverse and enriching universe of educational topics that have become LooLoo Kids’ hallmark. The series is “perfect for strengthening the preschool audience on any platform,” says Valentin Pintilescu, development manager at LooLoo Kids.

“This 52×11-minute format is designed to integrate seamlessly into various distribution channels, offering flexible programming options while emphasizing the enchanting and educational essence that defines LooLoo Kids,” adds Pintilescu.

There’s a nuanced approach for each language and culture with LooLoo Kids Musical Adventures.

“We meticulously adapt our shows to reflect the cultural variations of each language and region, creating a connection that feels authentic and meaningful,” notes Pintilescu.