Annecy Spotlight: Branscome International


From Cheshire Smile Animation, the series ROBOTIK is a top highlight from Branscome International.

“We are delighted by the joy and impact of the series as it connects to children through more and more platforms and regions,” says Tim Tyler, executive producer and CEO at Cheshire Smile. “ROBOTIK season one ran successfully on CBC Kids, SRC and TFO in Canada. In the past year, its global footprint has expanded greatly thanks to media license partnerships that have resulted in multiple new language versions (Spanish, Portuguese, French, Arabic and Mandarin).”

Catherine Branscome, executive producer and president of Branscome International, adds, “We look forward to the views and feedback from our current brand partners and to expanding the ROBOTIK family of talent and resources.

“An appealing and unique original IP, ROBOTIK has a distinctive, eye-pleasing color palette, warm-looking character designs and backgrounds that make you smile just looking at them.”