Kartoon Studios Partners with Deepdub


Kartoon Studios and Deepdub have partnered to dub localized content from Kartoon Channel! into multiple languages using Deepdub’s emotion-based text-to-speech AI technology.

Through the partnership, Kartoon Channel!’s family-friendly library of animated series, movies and live-action shows, including Shaq’s Garage, will be dubbed into Castilian Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Arabic and Italian.

With Deepdub’s technology, the content will be dubbed rapidly while staying true to the emotional intent and cultural nuances in the originals.

“This partnership highlights our commitment to expanding Kartoon Channel!’s reach and enhancing viewer accessibility by ensuring high-quality localization,” said Paul Robinson, president of Kartoon Channel! Worldwide at Kartoon Studios. “The advanced AI-based technology Deepdub brings to us will showcase our extensive library of safe, family-friendly content to a broader audience.”

Ofir Krakowski, CEO of Deepdub, added, “The Deepdub team is excited to have Deepdub’s technology enable this transformation for its partners. This agreement is highly significant for us, aligning perfectly with our strategic goals of serving FAST clients and demonstrating our capability to handle large-scale localization projects—both in addition to our ongoing work on major film projects and premium content for the Hollywood studios.”