2018 Beyblade Burst World Championship to Roll Out


Hasbro, SUNRIGHTS, d-rights and TOMY Company have teamed up to find the ultimate Beyblade Burst master through the launch of the 2018 World Championship.

A series of Beyblade Burst National Championships will be held in multiple countries from March to September. Bladers aged 8 to 13 will compete for the opportunity to represent their country and the winners will face off at the Beyblade Burst World Championship in Paris, with one victor being crowned the Beyblade Burst World Champion.

The 2018 Beyblade Burst World Championship will be held at Kidexpo in Paris on November 3. Bladers can practice their skills to prepare for the tournaments using Hasbro’s Beyblade Burst product line, featuring the new Beyblade Burst SwitchStrike tops. Fans can also download the Beyblade Burst app to take part in more than 300 million online battles that have taken place around the world.

The Beyblade franchise was inspired by traditional Japanese battling tops called “Bei-Goma” and was originally created in 1999 by TOMY Company. SUNRIGHTS handles the distribution of broadcast, non-toy merchandising and promotional rights for Beyblade Burst outside of Asia.

Beyblade is a global phenomenon, earning a dedicated following of passionate and enthusiastic fans who enjoy the competition, strategy, skill and fun,” said Tom Warner, the senior VP of marketing at Hasbro. “We’re excited to bring our Beyblade fans from around the world together at the World Championship, and look forward to celebrating the competition as we search for the ultimate Beyblade Burst master.”

“Our fans bring the Beyblade franchise to life, and we’re thrilled to host immersive Beyblade Burst battles throughout the world for these amazing Bladers to showcase their skills,” added Kaz Soeda, the managing director at SUNRIGHTS.