WBITVP Acquires Boys Like Boys


Warner Bros. International Television Production (WBITVP) has bought Boys Like Boys, its first gay relationship format.

The series sees eight young gay men who are looking for love move into a house together for a week. The participants get to know each other, go on dates, take part in games and share their challenges and experiences.

The original ten-episode Boys Like Boys was created by Portico Media for Taiwan’s LGBTQ+ streamer GagaOOLala. Boys Like Boys now joins WBITVP’s slate of dating franchises, including The Bachelor, First Dates and FBoy Island.

Andrew Zein, WBITVP’s senior VP of creative, format development and sales, said: “As the producers and distributors of the world’s leading and most loved dating franchises, it was going to take something really special to get our attention, and Boys Like Boys is exactly that. It has an authenticity and honesty we instantly fell in love with, and we hope buyers will too. With its clear focus on romance, relationships and representation, Boys Like Boys could prove to be the first mainstream global gay dating show.”