MIPTV Spotlight: Warner Bros. International Television Production


Warner Bros. International Television Production (WBITVP) has among its highlights Game of Games.

“Featuring one-of-a-kind supersized physical games, it’s a studio game show like no other—promising big fun, big laughs and a big cash prize,” says Andrew Zein, the company’s senior VP of creative, format development and sales. Also a game show, Genius Junior celebrates the talents of brilliant kids aged 12 and younger. The competition is “the ultimate test of their intelligence,” says Zein.

Under New Management is a great new Canadian format, which explores the fascinating world of small businesses,” Zein adds. “Each episode follows the roller-coaster journey of budding entrepreneurs as they assess three businesses, choosing which will suit their goals and lifestyle and that they’ll choose to put ‘under new management.’”

Zein notes, “WBITVP is pleased to once again present a wide slate of proven hit formats suitable for global audiences.”