MIPTV Spotlight: BBC Studios


The family game show The Generation Game, on offer from BBC Studios, sees different generations battle it out over a series of wacky challenges.

“What we love about The Generation Game is that it’s feel-good, warm and lots of fun, but at the heart of the format it’s about bringing families together for a shared experience, whether you’re taking part in the show or watching from home,” says Sumi Connock, creative director of formats at BBC Studios.

Also in the catalog, King of Cakes is a brand-new competitive cooking format that sees a top pastry chef on a mission to find the perfect cake.

Flipping Profit features three very different profit hunters—an antiques dealer, a bargain hunter and an upcycler—going head to head to discover who can find and sell the most profitable item.

Connock notes, “All three of these formats are joyful, aspirational and provide entertainment with a purpose, which is absolutely in our DNA.”