Love Island Adaptation for Israeli Streamer


Free TV, a new streaming service that is slated to launch in Israel at the beginning of 2023, has ordered its own version of Love Island.

The series will be produced by Armoza Productions, part of ITV Studios. Filming will take place in May 2023, and the show is expected to air as early as summer 2023.

The Israeli version of the hit show marks the 26th of its kind around the world, following the announcement of Malta and Albania last week.

Hilly Horev, executive VP of content at Free TV, said: “I am happy, proud and excited to announce the signing of the agreement with ITV Studios and Armoza Productions to acquire the rights to produce the Israeli adaptation of Love Island, which is the biggest, boldest and most talked about reality format in the world. This launch joins other local productions and launches that will be part of the super attractive content package that we are planning to bring to the Israeli audience.”

Avi Armoza, CEO of Armoza Formats, added: “Since establishing Armoza Productions and producing hits in the Israeli market such as Come Dine with Me, The 1% Club and The Chase, it was the natural progression of the company to bring the next big prime time reality competition to Israel. We believe that the strength of Love Island is exactly what is needed in this market.”