Doctor Foster Remake for Nippon TV


BBC Studios has signed a new scripted format agreement with Nippon TV that will see the psychological drama Doctor Foster remade in Japan.

In the Japanese adaptation, the lead character, Yoko Makabe, is played by Izumi Inamori. Her husband, Makabe Kota, is played by Hisashi Yoshizawa and Kota’s adulterous partner, Rio Sakura, is played by Mio Yuki.

Doctor Foster was originally written by Mike Bartlett and produced by Drama Republic. The format has already been successfully adapted in markets such as South Korea, France, Turkey, the Philippines and Indonesia. In South Korea, the format (known locally as The World of the Married) was the country’s highest-rated drama in cable TV history when it aired in 2020.

André Renaud, senior VP of format sales for BBC Studios, said: “It truly is an honor to know that Doctor Foster will be coming to life in Japan under the extraordinary team at Nippon TV. I know that they will not only craft a unique story for Japanese audiences but that they will capture the complex struggle of modern relationships from the perspective of the strong female character that sits at the heart of this series.”

Kiyoko Fujisawa, programming, content strategy, at Nippon TV, said: “The production of Nippon TV’s version of Doctor Foster will make its grand debut on our brand-new Friday night slot targeting female young adults, and we are very pleased to adapt this great drama for the Japanese audience.  We can’t wait for our viewers to witness this intensely addictive story and hope that one day the global audience will have the chance to do so, too.”