Film1 Launches Updated Streaming App


SPI International-owned and operated Film1 has revamped its streaming app, which includes a new OTT infrastructure that allows customization and updates.

There are also user interface improvements to provide a well-rounded user experience on web, iOS and Android apps, and single-sign-on capability for seamless operator integration. Additionally, the Ziggo set-top-box app has been updated to the latest Metrological Lightning technology and is available to subscribers with the Film1 package. The Film1 app is now also available for Samsung and LG Smart TVs and other connected devices such as Android TV and Apple TV.

The revamped app has already integrated with a majority of the operators in the Netherlands, including Ziggo, Canal Digitaal,, Delta, Fiber, Tele2, Caiway, Breedband Helmond, Solcon, CAI Harderwijk, Plinq, SKV, Kabelnoord, Kabeltex, SKP and Trined. The updated Metrological Lightning app has also recently launched on the Ziggo Mediabox XL and Mediabox Next set-top-boxes.

Haymi Behar, chief marketing officer and chief digital officer at SPI International, said: “Film1 combines the linear and on-demand viewing experiences with its four linear channels and streaming services, making it a highly-sought after partner for operators to enrich their content offerings. We have recently migrated our Film1 app platform from the legacy provider to the new TV2Z platform that also hosts FilmBox+ and Dizi apps. With this migration, we aim to provide both the end-user and our operator partners with an appealing curation of content that is easier to access with a clean design that is more comfortable to navigate.”

“The Ziggo lightning app is integrated into the EPG at channel 105 and comes right after the four Film1 linear channels,” added Behar. “The aggregation of quality content in one place makes finding a good movie to watch much more easier, eliminating choice stress for the audience. We will also be adding iDEAL as a payment method very soon which enables subscribers to pay for the service online through their own bank without having to provide any credit card information.”