U.K. Revises Covid Production Guidelines


The U.K. has eased its pandemic production protocols, with the British Film Commission issuing new guidance in line with the government’s “Living with Covid-19” plan.

“As the world learns to live with Covid-19, the BFC’s Working Safely During COVID-19 in Film and High-end TV Drama Production guidance remains an essential tool in keeping crew and cast safe and productions working,” said Adrian Wootton OBE, chief executive of the British Film Commission. “This guidance has been instrumental in enabling our sector to continue working throughout the pandemic. Its practices are established and observed, and in many cases voluntarily exceeded, by studios and productions, who all seek to keep the safety, health and mental well-being of cast, crew and community a key priority. We will continue to update this guidance and keep it under review in consultation with government and our industry partners.”

The British Film Commission issued the Working Safely During COVID-19 in Film and High-end TV Drama Production guidance in the spring of 2020. Developed in consultation with crew and crew representatives, production executives, industry bodies and the government, it featured a range of practices for producing safely amid the pandemic.

Productions should consider hiring trained Covid-19 supervisors, but it is no longer a requirement. The new guidance also recommends that productions implement testing programs and perform daily symptom checks with cast and crew. It also suggests productions develop protocols for how to deal a with symptomatic cast or crew member. Masking and social distancing are no longer required but should be considered in enclosed areas without adequate ventilation or where cast and crew are working in close proximity. Productions should provide hand-washing stations, sanitizer and other cleaning equipment. And productions should consider remote working practices and avoid in-person meetings wherever possible. If in-person meetings are necessary, productions should ensure adequate ventilation and/or consider using air filtration systems.