Fremantle & Cinecittà Enter Five-Year Deal


Fremantle and the European production hub Cinecittà have entered into a framework agreement that covers, among other aspects, continuous rental of six soundstages at the Roman studios.

In addition to studio rental, the agreement includes long-term use of service premises, costume and prop facilities, digital postproduction and 35mm- and 16mm-development facilities.

Overall, the framework will offer production teams an all-around, integrated service that is “efficient, inclusive and sustainable.”

Andrea Scrosati, group COO and European CEO of Fremantle, said: “The talented Italian and international professionals working with Fremantle need somewhere to bring their ideas and projects to life. With all its history, the innovation and growth projects recently announced and, above all, the extraordinary professionalism of its workers, Cinecittà is the perfect place. We are delighted that this agreement will allow us to produce even more TV series, films and programs in Italy than we already are at present and to do so with that level of excellence, which is vital for us.”

Nicola Maccanico, Cinecittà CEO, added: “The agreement with Fremantle is exceptionally tactical for Cinecittà. It confirms our production hub’s potential for playing a key role in the new global audiovisual market. It lays the groundwork for a well-structured partnership with a major international player which enjoys sound relations with the Italian production system. Global and local at the same time, just like Cinecittà.”