UKTV Orders We Are Not Alone for Dave


UKTV has commissioned the scripted comedy We Are Not Alone, written by Larry Rickard and Ben Willbond, for its entertainment channel Dave.

Produced by Big Talk Productions (The Outlaws, Back, Friday Night Dinner), the show is set six weeks after aliens have invaded and completely conquered Earth. We Are Not Alone explores the culture clash between humankind and its new alien masters, who are trying to make sense of a planet so confusing and idiotic that its inhabitants can’t even agree on which side of the road to drive on.

Rickard and Willbond said, “We are so excited to be bringing this project to you puny Earthlings. We’ve never attempted anything so ambitious or ridiculous, so we’re thrilled to be joined on the adventure by such an incredible cast and phenomenal crew.”

Pete Thornton, head of scripted for UKTV, said, “The premise of this highly original special is as richly comic as it is timely. We’ve seen shows before about alien invasion, but none have grappled with how said aliens might try to govern and live alongside us after their (inevitably pathetically easy) victory. By observing the way we live through fresh alien eyes, Larry and Ben’s remarkable script does a brilliant job of reflecting our topsy-turvy world and pointing out what a bunch of idiots the human race really are—and that all things considered we might not actually be the best custodians of our increasingly fragile and damaged planet.”

Cherie Cunningham, Dave channel director, said, “This is one of the most ambitious productions Dave has ever undertaken, with a hilarious script full of great characters and vivid worldbuilding. We’re thrilled to be working with Big Talk on bringing We Are Not Alone to Dave viewers.”

Kenton Allen, CEO of Big Talk Productions, added, “Shining a light on how stupid humans are, through the prism of some stupid aliens, with the amazing crew we have assembled, will be stupidly good fun.”