Conviva: Streaming in Europe Holding onto Pandemic Gains


Streaming growth in Europe has held onto pandemic gains, according to Conviva’s State of Streaming: Europe report for Q2 2021, growing 19 percent year-on-year.

Europe is outpacing global streaming growth (13 percent) for the same time period.

Western Europe led Europe’s streaming growth, with 32 percent year-over-year gains, followed by northern Europe at 23 percent. Viewership in southern and eastern Europe was down 1 percent.

Connected TV devices dominated Europe as the streaming device of choice, maintaining a 32 percent share of all viewing time. Desktop and tablets remained consistent at a 14 percent and 11 percent share, respectively. Mobile phones gained 1 percent, and smart TVs gained 2 percent. Gaming consoles dropped in share of viewing time, down 3 percent.

The streaming show with the most cross-platform engagements on social media in Q2 2021 was the long-running Grey’s Anatomy, which edged out Netflix’s Spanish-language drama Elite in the number two spot. Friends on HBO Max was third, followed by Loki on Disney+ and Saturday Night Live on Peacock.

“European viewers continue to embrace streaming at a rapid rate, mirroring what is happening in every corner of the world and even outpacing some regions,” said Keith Zubchevich, CEO of Conviva. “As more and more people flock to streaming, the onus is on publishers in Europe and across the globe to provide a high-quality viewing experience for consumers, but they cannot do so without consistent, accurate, real-time measurement which is also critical to grow and monetize their streaming business in a highly competitive environment.”