The Brit List 2020 Unveiled


The Brit List, a platform for British writing talent in the U.K. and their unproduced screenplays, has announced its 2020 lineup.

Sponsored by Red Arrow Studios International in association with Kinetic Content, The Brit List is a showcase for British screenwriting compiled from recommendations by British production companies, talent agencies, sales companies, financiers, distributors and broadcasters. Reflecting that writers increasingly work across both film and television, participants were invited to put forward scripts in both forms this year.

Final Draft, ScreenSkills, Silver Reel and the Film Distributors’ Association have also given their support as sponsors.

This year’s Brit List includes the comedy-drama series The Jude Problem by Amy Guyler (Headline Pictures), the newsroom drama series The Philadelphia Hope by Tumi Belo, the crime thriller series Bad Manor by Elliot Warren (The Forge), the comedy-drama series The Gender Games by Matthew Barry (SunnyMarch), the drama series Tivoli by Ameir Brown, the drama feature Wildcard by Youness Benali (Rooks Nest), the horror-comedy feature Caring by Matilda Ibini and Gabriel Bisset-Smith (Home Team Content, BBC Films), the fantasy-drama series Opus by Wunmi Ibironke, the high-concept relationship drama series Last Week by Alan McDonald, the thriller series Skin & Bone by Billy and Theo Mason Wood (Hattrick Productions), the dark comedy psychological drama series Dangerous Appraisals by Rosamund Attwood (Wall to Wall), the drama series Mammy’s Girl by Roanne Bardsley, the prison thriller series Jailtown by Cat Jones (BBC Studios in Association with Lighthouse) and the comedy-drama series Delilah Must Die by Bel Knight and Clare Hoey (Big Talk Productions).