Nearly Half of All Nordic Households Are SVOD Subscribers


New analysis from Mediavision finds that the takeup of SVOD services continues to grow at a rapid rate in the already streaming-heavy Nordic region.

On average, 48 percent of all Nordic households now subscribe to at least one SVOD service. The market is still growing, as 850,000 new SVOD households have been added compared to the same period last year. Today, some 5.3 million Nordic households subscribe to at least one paid video streaming service.

So-called “SVOD stacking,” which means subscribing to several SVOD services simultaneously, has grown over the last year as well. The segment of households that is growing the fastest is households with three or more SVOD subscriptions, where Norway is the frontrunner. An estimated 280,000 Norwegian households—more than a quarter of all Norwegian SVOD households—subscribe to three or more SVOD services. Sweden and Denmark are not far behind.

“Nordic consumers have both an unwavering appetite as well as the economical capacity for streaming services,” said Marie Nilsson, CEO of Mediavision. “And we’re not seeing a stagnation yet. The strong growth across the Nordics will most likely continue throughout 2019. The new EU regulations, which will require more Nordic content, will likely fuel the growth even further. The SVOD stacking phenomenon will most certainly continue to increase.”