AMCNI Combines France, Italy, Spain & Portugal into One Unit


AMC Networks International (AMCNI) is bringing together its operations in France, Spain, Portugal and Italy under the single division AMC Networks International Southern Europe.

Based in Madrid, the newly named unit will now manage SundanceTV France, including its production, programming, marketing and distribution processes in the country. It will also explore new business opportunities in the French market and work toward distributing channels and content in Italy.

The division will be led by Eduardo Zulueta as president of AMCNI Southern Europe. He also serves as president of AMCNI Latin America.

Manuel Balsera, the senior VP of AMCNI Southern Europe, will oversee affiliates, ad sales, marketing and digital, while Pilar de las Casas will manage the programming and acquisitions strategy as VP of cinema and documentary channels. The remaining functions will also be supervised by execs of the previous AMC Networks International Iberia unit.