Film Europe Channel Expands Broadcast Reach


Film Europe Channel, which features a variety of European and festival movies, is becoming available in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Film Europe Channel will officially launch in the Netherlands and Belgium as of tomorrow. In addition, the SVOD service is becoming available in both territories, as well as in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The network’s exclusive partner for Benelux is M7 Group, with its distribution platforms Canal Digitaal and TV Vlaanderen.

Film Europe Channel can be accessed by Skylink customers within the Kombi, Multi HD, Flexi 7 and Komplet program packages. Titles are also available to all Skylink subscribers within the SVOD internet service Skylink Live TV.

Ivan Hronec, the president and CEO of the Film Europe Media Company, remarked: “Our cooperation with M7 Group bears witness to a good partnership connection and the international resonance of the Film Europe brand. We have succeeded in identifying high-quality European films before they have been awarded the Palme d’Or in Cannes. We have succeeded in presenting high-quality films within our own festivals, in cinemas, on DVD and VOD platforms, and quality TV. We have succeeded in transforming Europe’s cinema heritage to an artistically valuable and commercially independent concept. And we have succeeded in doing so even without receiving a contribution from public resources.

“Film Europe is also an unparalleled start-up within the context of European film owing to its independent economic model. High-quality films are no longer the monopoly of state-supported festivals and television channels. Film Europe, Skylink, Canal Digitaal and TV Vlaanderen offer high-quality films to wide audiences. At the same time, the Film Europe Channel is an optional linear and SVOD alternative to gigantic, often non-curated and non-lucid VOD platforms. A bottom-up initiative, we aim to serve as an example of how a high-quality film brand can be built up in Europe.”

Jaromír Glisník, a member of M7 Group’s board, added: “The Film Europe Channel has been part of the menu of the Czech and Slovak Skylink satellite platform for several years now. Owing to its specific content, it has gained great popularity among art film lovers. I firmly believe that Film Europe will also be enthusiastically welcomed by audiences in the Netherlands and Belgium. I feel happy to have been able to markedly extend the number of Film Europe customers by means of our Skylink Live TV internet service (SVOD), which is available to all Skylink subscribers without any additional fees.”