Another Season of Zapped for UKTV’s Dave


A second season of the fantasy comedy Zapped, a UKTV original created by Black Dog Television and produced by Baby Cow Productions, is slated for broadcast on Dave later this year.

James Buckley, Sharon Rooney and Paul Kaye are all on board to reprise their roles on the show. In the first season, a man named Brian is taken to a parallel world, where he encounters such magical beings as a wizard and soothsayer. The 6×40-minute new season sees Brian deal with orcs, lizardmen, psychopathic fairies, hipster blood-suckers and actors. It goes into production this month for a fall debut.

Steve Coogan, who returns as executive producer, remarked: “I am delighted that UKTV has asked us to travel back to Munty for another six episodes of complete madness. The fantastic cast will return bringing to life the imaginatively funny scripts from the Black Dog boys. I’ll be raising a large Rhubarb Seizure to celebrate!”

Richard Watsham, the director of commissioning at UKTV, noted: “After a brilliantly inventive and engrossing first run of three episodes we are delighted to be returning to the unique world of Munty for a full six-part series. Dave audiences immediately took to the extraordinary characters created by the fertile minds at Black Dog Television and Baby Cow, and we’re very much looking forward to finding out how Brian’s heroic quest to get home lands him in further trouble.”

Steve North, the general manager of Dave, added: “After a stellar first outing for Zapped we are delighted to bring the brand-new comedy back for a second season. Over at Dave we are excited our viewers will get the chance to see Brian (James Buckley) continue his struggle to get back to his old life; helped and hindered in equal measure by the fabulous inhabitants of Munty. The return of Zapped continues our strategy of getting more quality originations on the channel.”